My Three “Life-Changing” Months

Hello WordPress, long time no see! Wall of text incoming.. 🙂

Well, it’s been 3 months already since I stepped into the world of advertising. A lot has happened man! Gotta admit it, these months are filled with decisions I had to make. Not easy ones I have to say. But yes, decision does mature us. And in the future I need to be faster and bolder on facing those incoming decisions. I do.

Three is a magic number, people says. To me, this Three has its own meaning lately. Three months is the time needed to finish the probation period in the agency I am working in (at least that is the amount most people here got assigned to). And this three is the number of big things happened lately. More on this later. And most important three, is the big mistakes I made during the three-months-probation-period.

After taking few moments to contemplate (and a PDR done with my CD), I do feel that after all these moment I passed, I still am veeeeeeeery green in this advertising stuff. So many flaws and misaligns I found. Let me do a little bit of curcol ya. Bear with me :p

First and the most fatal stuff, is productivity. This kind of industry does demand fast, precise, and “magical” result (and process of course). I’m still quite slow on producing stuffs, ideas, execution, etc. Gotta push it further! Go beyond my own boundary. Fuck the box, do think without the box. Quick quick quick

Second, I mentioned it earlier, precision. In other words, the love of details. Somehow, I quite often slipped and forgot few details that are crucial (ouch). This. Is. Intolerable. Details are art directors breakfast. How can I be so sloppy. Heck…

Third, is being honest. Somehow, I learned that great ads come from something that are Honest, Pure, and Insightful. And I still can’t find these on my works lately (according to me). Maybe I need some more reflections and contemplations before sleep, instead of doing other stuff? Hahaha.

Kay, according to me, those three are the worse stuff I did. Learn from it, people who still needs to learn stuff from me 😉

Next, is the three big stuff, according to me, that happened within three months. First, I love those works we made, The print ads, The Fun brand pitch, and stuffs! It is crucial for us to have this “feels good” sensation toward our work. Second, We Won The Pitch! It’s a major and very explorable brand to work on. Seriously looking forward to work on this. Third, Iris Worldwide awarded as the Top 5 Awarded Agency 2012 by Citra Pariwara 2012! Sexy… Lately I heard good stuff about Iris from people around me. This is a good start. Kudos to those who make it happened!

Okay, enough talking for this post. There has been so many words already. Before closing this, let me say few things in my mind right now.

  1. I have this unbearable urge of learning from Seniors and those notable advertising people out there. But still haven’t figure out the way to do it.
  2. Do improve my work. Don’t settle too easily.
  3. More +, less craps. Yes I do a lot of crap unneeded stuff lately.

Kay, bye. Good night, have a good rest.



Ah… It’s a little bit dusty here eh?

It’s been so long that I posted some advertising stuff..

Now that the graduation assignment is finished, maybe I’ll upload a stuff or two.. (That exhausting final assignment.. And yes, I’m going to be graduated in very near future. Yay)

Just wait for it.. 🙂


Hello World!

A little bit mainstream post title eh? Nevermind.

So this is my blog. Welcome aboard. Welcome to Calvin’s “WhatCalvinDoes”. This blog will be my online portfolio, of what I do all this time. I do advertising art directing mainly and some copywriting as well (copies are sexy you know). Also expect some graphic design stuffs I also made. Those graphic design works will surely cherish this blog a bit I think. And oh, perhaps a little bit of stories of my life is okay I guess.

Well, go ahead and enjoy my blog! Comments and critics on every aspects of this blog are welcome of course. 🙂